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Natural Resources Movement

Rane t4u’s Natural Resources Ecosystem Solutions is a unique ‘for-benefit’ initiative for delivering value to the entire community of stakeholders involved in the movement of natural resources from source to consumer. A trusted government partner, Rane t4u works closely with local district authorities to build inclusive and comprehensives solutions for Sand, Iron Coal, Timber, water distribution, etc., using IoT-enabled platform solutions and other digital and satellite technologies.

Distribution Logistics & 3PL

Rane t4u’s Distribution Logistics solutions with its cutting-edge technology platform provides end-to-end distribution management.


By rendering people and processes more efficient via IoT-enabled technology solutions, Rane t4u is enabling distribution logistics vendors, including 3PLs across different verticals such as cold chain, cash management, QSRs, e-commerce, etc covering last mile, middle mile and long haul logistics, to optimize their services and profits, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

People Mobility

Rane t4u’s People Mobility Solutions includes comprehensive end-to-end solutions for vertical segments such as Self Drive, Car Rental and Leasing, Taxi Aggregation, Passenger Bus Transportation, Employee Transportation etc.


These vertical-specific solutions have been designed to address operational challenges, safety and security, along with business-critical data analytics and reports.

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